Sticky - LARP resume

My LARP resume. Because all the cool kids are doing it did it a month ago.

LINK to my larp resume on the Boldly Going Nowhere system. Rather incomplete, as I haven't had time to enter everything yet.

If I can't remember a character's name and have no way of looking it up (mostly IMA Small Games Contest games), it's listed simply as ??. If I know the character's name but it's spoilery, it's got a black censor bar.

As seems to be the convention, there are *'s in front of games I particularly enjoyed and %'s in front of games I particularly disliked. (I'm defining "particularly enjoyed" as "Tory is not in the building," given my method LARPer nature; "particularly dislike" is "will still rant about if asked." I tried to be pretty conservative with both.)

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PLZ HALP: Housemate needed in Watertown, MA, by January 1

URGENT! I am looking for a housemate here in Watertown (suburban Boston) starting January 1. Geek house, queer-friendly, a well-furnished and well-established household in a great location. Rent is $920/mo. including electricity, internet, and gas; does not include heat. More below the fold.

Please, please, please link and circulate this, email it to anyone you know who's looking, etcetera! Due to some setbacks out of my control, I'm starting this housemate hunt on the late side, and I'd really like to have somebody lined up in the next two or three weeks. Send me a message here on DW or LJ, or email me at arkady [dot] lizard [at] gmail if you're interested!

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A-and then suddenly really florid porn IDEFK WHY THIS HAPPENED

Kingdom Hearts. No title. Roxas/Lea/Xion, handwave handwave they all got unfucked sometime after DDD. NO REALLY, THIS WAS JUST LIKE TOTALLY UNEXPECTED FLORID PORN OUT OF NOWHERE.

(seriously I haven't even finished playing Days because I like my heart intact and also the DS is with its co-owner and not available)

(where did this come from)


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Ficlet requests

I am in a simultaneously exhausted-floppy and unfulfilled want-to-do-something mood, and it's been approximately six billion years since I've written any kinky porn and this is sad. Will probably pick at this over the weekend and for the next while.

SO. OKAY. Let's do this before I chicken out, I've been planning to do this for months. Give me a character/pairing/group and a prompt of some sort in one of the following fandoms, and I'll do my best to write you a ficlet of some sort:
- Fate/Zero (note that IDK shit about stay night sob)
- Kingdom Hearts
- Xenosaga

THINGS ABOUT ME AND FICLET REQUESTS um I will probably only manage to fill about three or four and then psyduck guiltily off to not allow myself to do ficlet requests again for a year or two, because I get derp and overwhelmed after a bit. My answers tend to be long even if I don't want them to, and I do them right in comments back to you with no edits. Kinky porn not guaranteed but I'm kind of in that mood. Requests for crossovers, different fandoms, and RP-related things (b-because writing the versions of characters other people RP seems awkward to me somehow) are less likely to be filled.

d-d-dipping my toes in fic again after forever \o/??!?!

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Spontaneous ficlet I guess?

I have a cold and was watching more Fate/Zero with my housemate and girlfriend, and fuck it, this ficlet kind of has to happen even if I haven't finished the series or can form coherent sentences, because Rider and Waver are the best thing ever and even though I'm not sure I ship them sexually yet there is still the hard fact that Waver is like incapable of not sticking his butt in the air around Alexander the Great.

Title: Advances in Phalluscraft
Fandom: Fate/Zero
Rating: ...vague discussion of sex toys and Waver's butt being in the air, IDK.
Summary: Rider conquers the internet, one online store at a time.

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Fic! Baku Tracks

...or whatever. Title is provisional. Fic is unfinished. But I guess I'll post the first chunk of it because it's been ages since I attention-whored with fic, IDK.

Title: Baku Tracks, or maybe something less dorky someday
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Rating: no keybrat kissing...yet...
Summary: I am too lazy to write a proper summary. This is the cute Sora/Riku fic that I needed in my soul after finishing DDD, but couldn't find on Archive of Our Own, so I had to write it instead. Only it wound up sprawling into Roxas and Kairi and probably some other people when I write more of it.
Notes: Unfinished! This is maybe the first 1/3 or 1/4 of it, idk.

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It is a truth universally acknowledged that a part-time crafter, in possession of an increasing dislike for Etsy, must be in want of a chance to sell some fucking jewelry already. Because seriously, I have a fuckton of stock, some of which has never even been posted anywhere, and it's gathering dust. Pretty things should not be abandoned, after all!

I realize that jewelry parties are generally the domain of really well-established people who have two assistants and do wirework trees, but whatever, I do what I want! My plan is to basically be open to visitors for a long span of time (something like 2pm to 8pm so people can drop in whenever), have home-baked cookies and other nice things around, and all my stock out, probably cheaper than you could otherwise find it. As well as all of my supplies; in case you're interested in something custom, I could probably make it on the spot. (This is not officially a destash, but if you see supplies you like, I may or may not be convinced to sell them, depending upon whether I have something planned.)

I would like to do this on Saturday the 21st or Sunday the 22nd. I'm leaning towards Sunday, so unless people are like NOOOOO SATURDAAAAAAAY that is what I will do. This would be at my place in Watertown, off the 71 bus, with free parking. House contains cat, cat can be secured but cat's hair is everywhere.


Something that isn't whining for once

We can haz Intercon game!

So this isn't the game I was originally planning to premiere at this con, because The Border War or whatever I was going to call it had extensive set requirements, and I just. No fucking spoons to deal with fucking sets. Not happening.

Instead we're premiering something else, something so new that we haven't mentioned it to anyone ever. Not even on our website, which needs to be updated but I'm having fucking server problems.

Towering in the mountains over an endless desert, the last and greatest city on earth stands tall and proud. In the glittering heights, the rich and powerful hobnob and toast. Elizabeth Faulker herself, C.E.O. of Faulker Power Limited, is hosting a press conference and reception celebrating several events of note. An important scientific discovery in a small country town, a new breakthrough in research into human augmentation. The third anniversary of the landmark victory over and annexation of Taiyuan, led by the celebrated General Andreasson, who will be speaking tonight. And, of course, it is her dear son Cantwell's sixteenth birthday.

Below those towers, well...that's a different story. But who has time to worry about poverty, crime, and epidemics when they have a world to rule? Evenings like this have happened before, and the world has kept turning towards destruction. But perhaps not this time...

Folding the River is a futuristic science-fantasy game of power, passion, and desperation, which may or may not involve time travel. This game contains sexual content, war crimes, and other dark subjects, and is recommended for mature players. This is a Paranoid and Crotchety production.

Friday night at Intercoooooooon! Now with more fucking swearing.


Yeah, still dysfunctional.

Question for those of you who have dealt with Massachusetts unemployment services - So they have this thing where you have to make two job contacts a week to keep your benefits. What level of "job contact" counts? "I emailed my resume to two people on Craigslist" or "I got myself two interviews that didn't go horribly"? Or somewhere in between? How much of a pain in the ass is this actually?

I'm trying to figure out whether this is something I'm capable of doing right now. The former is viable. The latter...

I may need to look into disability if my thyroid results come back normal. Because if it's not my thyroid, it's going to be months and months to get myself functional again, but disability would probably take months and months too, and.