[ random brown edition ]

M'lah Sihfay
10 September 1983
The following phrases are frequently used to describe me, by others or myself...
- recent college graduate
- temporarily homeless
- just recovering from writer's block
- fangirl
- lit major
- pansexual polyamorist and kinky to boot
- cat lover
- pagan magician, newly, and still confused about it
- clueless
- LARPer
- overly geeky
- fighting depression and winning, knock wood
- prone to singing

These phrases may naturally, of course, not reflect my intrinsic nature.


I have one opt-in content-specific filter that I use from time to time...
- the magic filter, for posts that disagree with the common interpretation of reality
...and three opt-in project-specific filters that I use from fewer times to fewer times...
- the wintering filter, for updates of a quite old original science fantasy novel, which is currently eating my brain again
- the sireandpup filter, for updates of a quite new original possibly-to-be-novel, which is currently on hold for other projects (friends-only intro post here)
- the fiveleaves filter, for draft chapters of a Torchwood/Utena crossover novella I was supposed to be writing for tardis_bigbang, and may still write someday

Please comment if you wish to be on any of them. I have abandoned use of my sexfilter, so please note any TMI or NWS comments on posts if you do not wish to experience such content.


Writing is my calling, and most of what I write is fanfiction, which can be found at my personal website, The Letterblade Library.